5.2 Community Garden

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What is a Community Garden?

Community gardens typically involve a large garden divided into individual plots in order to grow food, to build relationships with others from different cultures, and to strengthen our community. Gardens also provide an opportunity for those with lower incomes to supplement their budgets by growing their own food. Each gardener also has the chance to learn from other, more experienced gardeners. While working in the garden, you will benefit from being able to retreat from the noise and commotion of life. Plus, gardening is a great form of exercise!

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Why is Crossroads hosting a community garden?

We have been blessed with over 13 acres of land within the northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities. Many people have places to live but no where to grow a garden. Our goal is to serve our Savior, by serving the people of Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Osseo and Maple Grove through this community garden. We want to build strong relationships with our neighbors, and do our part to ensure that people have the opportunity to enjoy home-grown vegetables.

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How will our 5.2 Community Garden help to feed the hungry?

We will actively recruit low income families from our community to become gardeners. We also commit to share at least 20% of all we harvest, with the Community Emergency Assistance Program (CEAP) food shelf.

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How does the 5.2 Community Garden work?

We have 75 large plots (18X12) and 5 smaller plots (10X10) that people can reserve (using our registration form) for a nominal fee. Gardeners can then plant, weed, water, maintain, and harvest their gardens throughout the summer. The water is provided, along with some compost and top soil. It’s up to the gardeners to bring their own tools and watering cans.

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Where do I go to get more information?

You can continue to check this webpage for the latest updates. If you sign up as a gardener, you will receive a periodic newsletter with more information on what’s happening with the garden, and tips on how to improve your gardening skills.

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Registration for the 2017 Season is closed. Please send a message below if you would like to be added to the distribution list for next year.

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